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World's best software for retailers & wholesalers of blinds, curtains and shutters

Why should you subscribe to Blindmatrix?

  • Reduce administration time and costs
  • Maintain excellent customer service
  • Eliminate costly mistakes
  • Increase sales conversion rates
  • Manage and improve cashflow
  • Improve your business performance

Reduce admin time and costs

Paper based administration takes time – and time is money. With BlindMatrix you work in the cloud and can manage jobs easily and effectively. Manual processes can take five minutes per job; managing just ten jobs a day on BlindMatrix can cut your admin time by 70%.

Deliver excellent customer service

Forget spending days looking for customer records and responding slowly to customer queries. With BlindMatrix you can manage and respond to your customers professionally and quickly, improving your customer service and winning repeat business.

Eliminate costly mistakes

Manage your job workflow from initial quote through to order in BlindMatrix helps you to improve the quality of your customer information and ensures you have captured all the important sales information, helping you to eliminate costly mistakes and reduce the cost of sales.

Increase sales conversion rates

BlindMatrix helps you to manage your leads and target your advertising to the right customers at the right time. Using our dashboards you can easily analyse and report on your cost of sales and ensure you are converting more sales and reducing costs at the same time.

Manage and Improve cashflow

With all key functions centralized, you can calculate costs and view profits within seconds. Building quotations, taking deposits, managing orders and generating invoices helps you to spend less time on admin tasks and more time securing new business.

Improve your business performance

BlindMatrix software runs in the cloud and gives you full visibility of your business performance, giving you visibility of appointments booked, orders are in progress, jobs completed and revenue generated, saving you effort, time and money, giving you peace of mind.

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